Another fashion week? Shoot me!



A woke up with a start… it was the announcement of another fashion week. As I sat in my bed thinking whether to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger or have a bowl full of Phenobarbitone instead of cinnamon rings for breakfast, came another announcement… “India’s most… whatever”.

Phenobarbitone first and then pull the trigger. I decided.

What’s happening? Fashion awards often see the most unfashionable turning up to take the awards. Barring a couple of established ones, fashion weeks seem to have become an epidemic. Yet they are mushrooming and guess what, for each one of them there are enough takers.

Think you can escape it? Nope.

Check your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… no chance. You see video clips and photos of runways that you’d want to run away from… awards that you’d want to bang your head with.

Open your morning paper. Front page will have faces that you’d seen a million times before in the same paper. Inside, award reports. Runway pics. What a sham!

I think desperation to do some thing glamour from the organisers side and desperation to be part of such events from the participants have degenerated the fashion and lifestyle events so much that no one has the patience to go through it any more. Fashion weeks have become a joke… what’s a fashion week without business? Yet when a new one is announced, a bunch of fashion designers gather around to be part of it. When an award event is done, another bunch scurry down to be on the Red Carpet.

All these are fine if the purpose behind is genuine. The multiple fashion weeks are fine as long as the organisers bring in business to it. Award gala is perfect if the award is given to the real stylish or talented. I remember once a pot bellied, badly attired cop was given a style award (perhaps for that element of style that I failed to see) and many such people get awards and we stand on the side gaping and wondering.

Barring the ones organized by the FDCI in Delhi and IMG-Reliance in Mumbai, I am not sure how much the rest bring in to the participating fashion designers. I thought the ‘business of fashion’, meaning business for fashion designers, is the underlying theme behind fashion week and not exactly business for the host hotels or organisers.

So, lakhs of rupees spent every time, with not a single rupee coming in return, many fashion designers still run after these events without hesitation. I know some bridal weeks that started with such fanfare are now on a ‘divorce’ mode. Many fashion weeks started before have had untimely demises as well. Designers who ran after those events are now running after the others mushroom around. Reminds me of passengers running after a bus and when they miss the bus, they turn back and run toward the next one!

But the difference here is, unlike these dubious fashion weeks, the next bus will take you to your destination. The way I see it? Well, it’s like allowing a pickpocket to slid his hand in your pocket and take your wallet. Didn’t get it? These fashion week organisers are here to make money for themselves by doing these new and ‘innovative’ events. Business of fashion? Yes, sure… business for them… not for you.

I know writing this is a waste of time. Soon there will be another fashion week and another bunch scurrying for it, or another award event…

All these are fine, if the purpose behind is genuine. And that’s what is missing now! So shoot me now..







11 thoughts on “Another fashion week? Shoot me!”

  1. Very true. Barring the ones by The FDCI and IMG no one should be allowed to use the term “fashion week” as title. I dont know who can enforce it or how it can be done…. It should be just another event, good bad or downright ugly.

  2. Super read and agree to each word of It Vinod.
    However, new players (organisers or designers) have to keep trying their luck until succeeds and probably these are some genuine platform as they foresee to be a part of the journey.
    None the less , look forward for more space.

    1. Hi, I am glad you liked it. Where are you based and what is your name? I presume you are into fashion? Cheets. Vinod

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